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Google Plus View Counts for your Google+ Profile

Google Plus has recently added new information on all Google+ profiles; the “View Count”. To see 40,000 plus views on my profile was quite impressive. Google Plus View Count is a number that shows the collective views for photos, posts, and your profile page since October 2012. But just like Cynthia Boris mentioned, “…a lot of views for so few followers”.

Google Plus View Count

Google Plus View Count. Whaattt!!!!

You can hide Google Plus view count from your settings page but I really don’t recommend that. Even though we are quite unsure of the accuracy of this number but its presence gives a boost to the popularity of our profiles. Still if you want to hide this information you can do as below.

Go to Home > Settings > Profile. Uncheck the box that says “Show how many times your profile and content have been viewed”.

How to turn off Google Plus View Count display?

How to turn off Google Plus View Count display?

There is one more thing that I’ve noticed. The follower count on your Business Pages has now been replaced with the no. of people who have added you to their Circle and the previous follower count is no more there. This came quite as a shock to me because the follower count on my business page is rather gone because I had very few people who had circled my Business Page.

Clearly Google+ is up to something. It seems like Google+ might bring in more analytics features and show you more stats in days to come. Facebook does show Insights for its Pages, and Google will not fall back. But, Google+ here is trying to do something very different and trying to make Profiles and Pages all look alike. Maybe later it will show the View Count along with count of people who circled a profile in its Search Results. That’ll change the rules of Authority to quite an extent. An author whose profile is viewed more times might get more preference in search rankings.

Currently everything looks like an experiment and we need to wait and watch what else Google+ has up its sleeves. Looks like, the year 2014 is going to be a year of updates. First the Facebook Page Redesign, then Twitter Profile Page Redesign and now Google Plus View Counts.

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