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How to get your first 1000 Twitter followers in 1 month?

It is very important to setup your social media accounts before you publish your first blog post. Twitter being one of them can be easily leveraged for future promotions and blog traffic.

You might be a no-body when you start up your Twitter profile. But, that doesn’t stop you from being somebody in a very short span of time. I’m not telling you to buy Twitter followers like many do and increase your follower base overnight. That is simply wrong and can lead to account suspension in due course of time.

Why do you need 1000 Twitter followers?


To get more traffic to your website!!

To sell more stuff!!

A large number of Twitter followers mean a great way to increase your social status. According to Guy Kawasaki, the more the numbers, the better it is. Nobody trusts a Social Media guy who does not have a large follower base. It also means that you get noticed; more people looked at your profile, and for whatever reason felt they would follow you.

Here I’m going to show you the simplest yet most effective method of earning your first 1000 followers on Twitter in 1 month.

Start by creating a decent Twitter Bio.

Sign up for a fresh account on Twitter

Add a profile pic (add your own smiling face)

Write a description about who you are and what you do. Add your interests if you want!

Digitallyour Twitter Profile

Follow lot of users

According to the Twitter rules, your initial limit of following is 2000. You will not be able to follow beyond that unless you have enough (around 2000) followers. So use it wisely. Since you have 1 month i.e. 4 weeks, divide the 2000 followings into 500 per week (approximately 70-80 per day). If you follow too many at a time, Twitter might suspend your account. So be careful here!

Who to follow?

  1. Follow your friends and co-workers
  2. Follow the people you’re fan of
  3. Follow recommended people
  4. Follow back the people who follow you
  5. Follow randomly by searching for keywords
  6. Repeat this every day for all 4 weeks

Un-follow regularly

Use to find out profiles who are infrequent in tweeting, who do not have profile photos, and who are not following you back even after a week. You need to give every profile 1 full week to follow you before you un-follow them.

Retweet and Favorite

Retweet and Favorite tweets of the people you follow from time to time. This will help you connect with them and there is a chance that they’ll return the favor by following you and re-tweeting your tweets. Build up some communication and engagement so that your followers remember you. (This will be very helpful when you start tweeting your own blog posts, you will already have created an army to promote your stuff)

Automate Tweets

No one follows a profile which has only 100 tweets. Head over to and search for your niche. Choose what you want to tweet about. Let’s say Social Media – Copy this link and save this as a bookmark.

Now create an account on Twitterfeed. This tool allows you to add RSS feeds to be shared automatically throughout your Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other social channels. You can also use a URL shortner and show the title of the new post. You can also add RT @username or via @username to let your blogger know that you always tweet their posts. Schedule tweets by automating them at a frequency of 1 hour. This will help you show up even across different time zones.

Do this with all your favorite blogs. Remember, people need to know that you exist before you start promoting your own stuff. Automating will keep your profile active on a regular basis. Regularity is the key here. Twitterfeed is used by @sengineland@amyporterfield, and @cindyking

Create a Google News Alert

Don’t just depend on automated tweets. You don’t want to look like a bot. You need to keep posting personalized tweets from time to time. Search different keywords and add a Google News Alert to your Feedly RSS Reader or directly to your email. This will give you enough content to keep tweeting.

Use Hashtags

Use 1-2 hashtags for every tweet you post. Find out the most common hashtags in your niche and use liberally in your tweets. Don’t overdo it! Your followers will unfollow you if they can’t read your tweet because of so many hashtags in the middle.

Continue this process till you get 1000 followers!!!

Once you have collected 1000 followers

Add your blog URL to your Twitter profile

Connect your Twitter profile your blog

Use HootSuite to automate tweets from your blog posts. Write your one liner tweets to all your blog posts in an Excel document. Repeat using them by using the Auto Scheduling feature of Hootsuite. Remember your followers are not in the same time zone. According to @GuyKawasaki  retweeting a blog post 4 times a day is the best way to get noticed. In his argument he used @CNN news as an example where he said that the news are replayed throughout the day and they use the same news and repeat it. This is because people aren’t around to watch @CNN 24/7. Same goes with twitter. People don’t really have the time to monitor your twitter feed 24/7 read every tweet that you post on twitter. So in Guy’s argument he suggested people to retweet it 4 times in a day and 8 hours apart.

You can also use tools like Buffer App, Socialoomph or Tweetdeck to schedule your tweets.

Remember to keep a track of your account.

Here’s how my Twitter Followers have increased during the 1st month of @digitallyour.

Digitallyour First 1000 Twitter Followers Graph

Once you have reached 100 followers continue the above steps regularly (I made a mistake of ignoring it). Clean-up your account from time-to-time by removing unwanted followers, unfollowing irregular accounts, tweaking your profile, etc.

The above process is not full-proof and I cannot guarantee that you’ll definitely get 1000 followers in 1 month. It worked for me, and it has worked for some others too. You have to work according to your niche. Not all markets have an equal presence on Twitter. You just need to keep patience.

Happy Tweeting!

Let me know if there are any other ways you know to increasing your Twitter followers…

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