Thursday , 18 January 2018

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How Long Should It Actually Take to Get Results From SEO?


The most important Client Question! How long will it take to rank in Google 1st Page? The Client says: “Well, I am speaking to a few other SEO agencies and consultants also, but tell me how long will your agency take to rank my website in Google 1st page for these target keywords?” Now, this is a question that we …

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Google Plus View Counts for your Google+ Profile

Google Plus View Count

Google Plus has recently added new information on all Google+ profiles; the “View Count”. To see 40,000 plus views on my profile was quite impressive. Google Plus View Count is a number that shows the collective views for photos, posts, and your profile page since October 2012. But just like Cynthia Boris mentioned, “…a lot of views for so few …

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9 Best Online Backlink Checker Tools To Try

9 Best Backlink Checker Tools

According to Wikipedia, “Backlinks, also known as incoming links, inbound links, inlinks, and inward links, are incoming links to a website or web page. In basic link terminology, a backlink is any link received by a web node (web page, directory, website, or top-level domain) from another web node.” Backlinks are an important parameter for search engine ranking. When search …

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How to get your first 1000 Twitter followers in 1 month?


It is very important to setup your social media accounts before you publish your first blog post. Twitter being one of them can be easily leveraged for future promotions and blog traffic. You might be a no-body when you start up your Twitter profile. But, that doesn’t stop you from being somebody in a very short span of time. I’m …

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Hummingbird Update: Google’s latest algorithm to handle long tail search


Last year, Google’s 15th birthday bash came with the latest update to their search algorithm. Nicknamed Hummingbird, this is one of the biggest update to Google search since 2001. You might not know but Google actually launched it a month before they announced. They say it affected more than 90 percent of all searches. What is Hummingbird Update and how …

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