How to find royalty free stock images for your Blog?

How to find royalty free stock images for your Blog?

A well crafter blog post requires well designed images. And, with the plethora of blogs being released every day, it becomes quite difficult for all of us to find that right image that goes with the content. There are times we find the best image but are not able to use them because of the huge license cost that comes with these images. I have been facing this problem for a very long time now, when I have been searching for quality images for multiple requirements such as for my blog, for social media posts, and other graphic designs. Thus a few years back I started searching for royalty free stock images which comes for free, and found multiple websites that provide them. I have been bookmarking them and storing them in Chrome browser.

A few days back when I was working with my social media team at RoundChillies, my digital marketing agency, I realised they have been struggling with images. Our creative team was so busy with some client delivery that they were not able to help the digital team. That’s when I gave them this complete list of free stock image sites that I have been hoarding myself. Now, they don’t depend much on the designers and use images from here to accompany their content.



Pixel has been empowering creators since 2014. Millions of designers and artists benefit from their nicely tagged, searchable, high quality images for free. Run by Bruno Joseph, Ingo Joseph and Daniel Frese, Pixel also allows you to upload your own pictures to support the photography community.



Wikimedia Commons


Wikimedia Commons is part of the non-profit, multilingual, free-content Wikimedia family. It has a collection of 40 million+ freely usable media files to which anyone can contribute. Highly skilled photographers and illustrators continuously strive to maintain the quality of Commons. It has a strict Reuse guide where you can even request for a picture you don’t find it in the gallery. Contributing to Commons is also a great option to showcase your work to a huge user base.





This site was created for creative people for exchanging photos for inspiration or work. You can get high-quality, stock photos for all purposes, a wallpaper, an illustration for blogs, graphics for websites, and a lot of other photos. All free! In some cases, you might need to notify the creator and give credit. You can even contribute, but your images will be allowed after the administrators approve them, they might get rejected too.



New Old Stock


New Old Stock is a collection by Cole Townsend, a product designer in Boston. This one gives you access to whole lot of vintage photos collected from the public archives, free from all known copyright restrictions. Its time to revisit history.




The best part about Picography is its focus on simplicity. The images can be used very easily for our day to day social promotions. It is millions of high quality images, all CC0 licensed. I specially like the filters that they have on their images. Gives a very Instagram feel to the images.




This site is one of the best that I have seen. It happened when Ed Gregory, a stellar photographer decided to give away all his work for Free!! Now you can jazz up all your marketing efforts with these amazing images that Ed shares with us. You can also get premium stock images directly sent to your email.



This one is for the foodies or food bloggers who are constantly crafting amazing stories around food. Don’t have a good food image to go along with your content? Go to this site and get access to incredible lip smacking food photos.



In Stockvault, photographers, designers and student share their photographs, graphics and vector designs with each other for free. There are illustrations of people, animals, buildings, flowers, food, computers, and many other categories. There are also many textures on grunge, dirt, paint, wood, rust, etc. You can also get web layouts and logos here.



Hand selected library with thousands of photos added every day. Subscribe to their updates and you’ll have a ready set of images delivered to your Inbox from time to time. Get surprised with images that you didn’t even need.



PhotoPin uses the API of Flickr in their photo search results. There are images for just about any kind of image. Highly recommend for aspiring bloggers who want to create posts faster and do not want the trouble of creating images. The images are Free but the creators would love to get a proper attribution link.




Millions of bloggers, designers, and marketers today are using Picjumbo for their day-to-day requirements. Started by Viktor Hanacek, a 24 year old photographer, online entrepreneur and life enjoyer, Picjumbo should always be at the top of your list for all image requirements. A favourite among web designers, Picjumbo delivers high quality photos in high resolution. If you are in regular need of photos for your web activities, Picjumbo should be on your subscribed list.




Download high quality free stock photos without registration. Besides photos, Splitshire also a brief collection of videos that you can use for website backgrounds. Websites like The Huffington Post has also used their images.




Morguefile is a community based site, where you are free to download any photos from their archive and re-use. The best part of the site is the categorisation with #Hashtags. The site is an infinite scrolling site with innovative hashtags and their related images. Very easy to navigate and explore, this site is a classic.




Dreamstime is actually a stock image site but provides a few images for free every month. Existing for more than 10 years, this site has an exquisite stock image gallery for almost all categories possible. Sign up for Free and get access to your share of Free images.




Pixabay does not only have photographs clicked by famous photographers, it is also a repository of wonderful design work. The creativity of some of the images here are a delight to the human eye. All contents are released under Creative Commons CC0, which makes them safe to use without asking for permission or giving credit to the artist – even for commercial purposes.




A not so popular site, is one of the largest collection of free photographs on the Internet. Though the site architecture is a little off, you can still easily navigate through the free images. All images are free for use, but high-quality versions have a price. Also non-commercial users may download our web size images to use off-line in school projects, church services, cards, leaflets, etc. Basically if your off-line use is not commercial you can download our web size images for free.




Not sure why the site is named like this, but if you are interested in free High-Res Stock Photos, Daily, you can visit this one. Bossfight has the quirkiest of images that I have ever come across.




Quality images curated from the best pool of designers and photographers, Stocksnap is one of the best websites for free images. The picturesque sceneries, landscapes, and wildlife is my favorite bet here. All images are under Creative Commons – CC0 and do not require attribution.


I am sure there many other sites where you can find Free stock images, please share with our reader in the comment below. If you are a photographer and want to share your photos, add a link.

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