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How Long Should It Actually Take to Get Results From SEO?

The most important Client Question!

How long will it take to rank in Google 1st Page?

The Client says: “Well, I am speaking to a few other SEO agencies and consultants also, but tell me how long will your agency take to rank my website in Google 1st page for these target keywords?”
How Long Should It Actually Take to Get Results From SEO?
Now, this is a question that we come across every other SEO client that we meet. And, these consultants  and SEO agencies that promise to rank your website within a few weeks are MAYBE magicians. Or, they are definitely connected with Black-hat SEO networks that strive to dupe Google to rank your website in first page. You will see instant results but eventually get penalised by Google and it becomes tougher to bounce back.
Ranking in Google is a slow and steady process. Once your new website is Live, you have to give it some time to get crawled by the search engine bots. You can connect your website with Google Webmaster and run a “Fetch as Google”. This tool sends a request to the Google bots to crawl and index your web pages. Again, this is not going to ensure 1st page ranking overnight. It is just going to ensure that Google bots are aware of your new site or content updates faster than the regular process.
Google has hundreds of ranking signals that it uses on a webpage before showing it as a result in the SERPs, but to simplify, I would like to break them down to the “Crazy 5”.

The SEO “Crazy 5”

  1. Keywords
  2. Links
  3. Content
  4. Relevance
  5. User-Experience
I call it Crazy 5, because to rank your website, these are the 5 things that you need to be Crazy about. If SEOs can focus on just these 5 things, ranking on Google becomes easy. Remember, you cannot leave any one of them.
Let’s look into some details:
  1. Keywords: Keywords are the cornerstone of SEO. And, a proper keyword research is the MOST important activity in SEO. Choosing the right or wrong keyword will make or break your business. Lot of times while doing a keyword research we just look at broad terms that describe our business or keywords that we assume our user would be searching and target these half baked keywords on our websites. Yes, the site does rank in first page, but then we complain that traffic is not coming in. For doing the right keyword research, we should not only choose the best keywords, but also find out the average monthly users searching for that keyword in the location that you want to rank for. And, finally how competitive the keywords are. Tools such as Google Keyword Planner and Ubersuggest are my favourites here.
  1. Links: Want to prove your popularity on the web, get backlinks. Getting a link to website from another site is speaks about your authority in the topic. It means the backlinking website owner thinks that your content is important for her users and shares a link to your site. Links can also be generated from various other websites, but the most important point here is the variety of websites linking to you. Getting 100 links from one website is not as good as getting 100 links from 100 different domains. Quantity is important, but not at the cost of Quality and Diversity.
  1. Content: We all know that “Content is King”. And, many expert SEOs even say that if you have good quality content on your site, half the SEO battle is won. But, how do we generate good content? Good content, first of all needs to add value to the users. It is the content on site, that engages your users and makes them come back. Content can be in any form; Text, Image or Video. But, it should be original. Google bots are smart enough to find out which website you have copied your content from and once they find that, your site is doomed to rank ever. So hire a quality content writer and create some original stories that people would love to read.
  1. Relevance: When a user enters a search query in the Google search bar, the search engines goes through all the thousands and millions of pages that it has indexed, sorts them according to its ranking signals and displays the results. And, the most important signal today is relevance. Google does not to show a website that has just create good content and done good SEO, Google wants to show results that are Relevant to the user.
  1. User-Experience: The design of your website, the website layout, speed, time to load, mobile experience are all important ranking signals today. Google says, that if you are creating a website make it mobile responsive. If your website follows Google’s mobile first principles then your ranking in all devices will improve. So focus on good design and user-experience. Do a Mobile-friendly test today!
Ask questions to your client before you start doing SEO on their website and once you have crazily engaged in the above 5 activities, give your site a solid 3-4 months. You will gradually notice that your content is picking up the ranking speed and you eventually start ranking in that first page.
Remember! SEO has no shortcuts. Its all about consistently producing amazing content and dedicatedly focusing on the crazy 5.
How Long Should It Actually Take to Get Results From SEO?
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How Long Should It Actually Take to Get Results From SEO?
Have you been asked this question every time you met a new SEO client? I have. What you tell your client when asked how long to get results from SEO?
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  1. I think the user experience is more important than making multiple keywords in bold. For links let the user provide the manually. Manual links are more like google. Hopefully in 2018 seo will be easier.

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